14 thoughts on “Prayers for Gertie

  1. Our family pets are so precious. My heart aches for Gertie and you, and you can rest assured my prayers are lifting you up as you grieve still again. I know, as the others have written too, that Glenn will sing to her in heaven. What a glorious reunion. And what a sweet picture of all three of them. Thank you, Holly, for sharing with us.


  2. Holly I pray that your days for grieving will end soon. Seems like you’ve had enough in the past few months to last a lifetime. Gertie will have such fun over the rainbow bridge and romping around with your Dad again. Blessings to you Holly.


  3. Oh Holly, I am so sorry! Gertie was a special friend for your Dad. Bless you for taking such good care of her!!!
    Your Dad’s music was always so important to me and I will be a fan for my whole life. He performed “The Forgotten Carols” here in Portland and I was lucky enough to see that twice and buy the CD. It makes my holiday every year!!! He lives on!!!


  4. Dear Holly,
    Know that our hearts are with you all.
    I dearly wish there was something I could do for you to take all these sorrows off your heart and your shoulders.
    Get tie certainly has a welcoming party waiting for her!
    I know they pray for you too!
    Be well my dear, we love and pray for you and your family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  5. So sorry to hear of the loss of Gertie. Sometimes it seems that the sadness never ends. Take heart and know that the sun will shine again. My best to you and your family


  6. Bless you, Holly. You have had a rough year. I know your Dad will sing to Gertie when she gets there. His beautiful voice will heal anything that’s broken. I wish you a big dose of happy times for the rest of this year. Thank you for all the great photos and info you have posted. It is much appreciated.


  7. My heart goes out to you – you’ve endured so many major losses recently. May the next part of your life be filled with lightness and joy.


  8. Your plate has certainly been full these last few months. I am (again) sorry for the loss you are experiencing; please know that you have lots of thoughts, hugs and prayers around you as you walk this difficult path. God be with you.


  9. So sorry to hear about Gertie. A pet is family and their lost hurts just as much. I’m sure your dad will have a song to sing to her when she joins him.


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