Light Up the Runway

For as long as I can remember, Mom and I have lit three candles when someone we love was about to leave this world. Always three candles and always lit when we heard the difficult news, and (mostly) kept lit for three days. “Lighting their way to heaven” we said. Across the miles, it was our private ritual. It’s Mom’s turn now, so I invite you all to light the runway for her. Some dear friends have started already and txted me their photos. It gives me great comfort to see them…(especially since I can’t light any here aboard the Good Ship Waking Nightmare).

9 thoughts on “Light Up the Runway

  1. What a difficult time you have had these past months. But I am not forgetting that this Thursday would be Glenn’s birthday. There are many of us I am sure who will be thinking of him and of you for the wonderful care he received.
    I have always loved his wonderful voice and now more than ever am so happy to have my cds.


  2. I looked around the house and could only find a pink candle, a white candle and a purple candle. Before lighting them I checked the meaning of these colors. How perfect my found candles turned out to be. Pink is known to heal grief and sadness and stands for peace, nurturing and femininity. White, because it is all colors, is thought to be in perfect balance and harmony with strong healing properties and the ability to protect one from negativity. Purple is a color of transformation. It soothes mental and emotional distress and decreases sensitivity to pain. May all the sentiment and energy of these candles reach you and your mother. What a beautiful way to send someone on their next journey. I can’t send a photo because I am techno-challenged, but I hope you can close your eyes and picture them.


  3. I have no words and probably couldn’t find breath to speak right now if I did….please know you and your mom are in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. We love you to the moon and back.


  4. Thank you for including us in your special ritual. It helps me to feel a part of the celebration of her life and her new journey. And I feel like I am helping in some small way. My condolences for Theo. You and your family are in my prayers.


  5. Holly, you are so dear. What an honor to ask us all to participate in this family ritual. I am not clever – I can’t send you a photograph but will light my candles now and keep them burning.


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